Cosmetology                    Charzanne Beauty College

Cosmetology - The Program

Cosmetology - the Industry

  1. 1500 hours of training

  2. Day and Evening classes available

  3. Theory/Classroom training

  4. Practical/Clinical “hands on” training

  5. Advanced techniques and trends

  6. Training in Salon Business and Client Service Skills

  7. State Board of Cosmetology Exam preparation

  8. Career placement and counseling services

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  1. The Cosmetology industry is truly recession proof and good cosmetologists are always


  1. Cosmetology offers you the ability to be your own boss, enjoy a flexible schedule, and

   create your own success at your own pace.

  1.   There are numerous career options available to a licensed cosmetologist:

        Salon Owner



        Manufacturer’s Representative

        Continuing Education Instructor

  1.   Cosmetology affords you the opportunity to enjoy what you do, design your career, 

    make others feel better about themselves, and create personal financial success.

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